Booker T Thinks These WWE Stars Could Be A Generational Tag Team

As part of the commentary team for "WWE NXT," Booker T has a weekly front row seat to take in WWE's superstars of tomorrow. Add in his legacy as a well-celebrated tag team champion — 10 times in WCW alone as a part of Harlem Heat — and the two-time WWE Hall of Famer is plenty qualified to speak on the next generation of tag teams looking to make their marks.  

On the latest installment of "The Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker T singled out The Creed Brothers as potentially ending up in extremely exclusive company. "The Creed Brothers are one of those generational teams that come along few and far between," he explained. "I think they're gonna have a hell of a future, being brothers, doing this."

But perhaps more noteworthy is the company with whom he sees Brutus and Julius Creed eventually keeping at some point in their career, if their upward trajectory continues. "Time is gonna do those guys a whole hell of a lot of good," said Booker T. "They could be one of those dynasty-like teams back in the day like a Steiner Brothers, like a Harlem Heat, like a Nasty Boys, like a Road Warriors. Those guys can fall into that category right there ... They got the right size and athleticism," he added. "For both of those guys, at their size, it's literally uncanny. It really is."

As amateurs, the team already established their credentials. Brutus Creed was a two-time NCAA Division III All-American at Otterbein University, while Julius was a two-time Division I All-American at Duke, including a 2018 ACC Heavyweight Championship. However, since turning pro, the pair won the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic at Vengeance Day in 2022 before defeating Pretty Deadly later that year at In Your House for the "NXT" Tag Team Championships.

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