LA Knight Comments On Comparisons To The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin

LA Knight has progressively become one of the more popular stars for WWE crowds, and with that acclaim has come comparisons to stars of the past. Knight's one-liners and oft-chanted catchphrases, such as his "Yeah" remark, have drawn comparisons to Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. In an interview with Ariel Helwani, Knight addressed the similarities and whether or not they are intentional.


"People are always going to make comparisons. It's the easiest thing for people to do. If you have something that's familiar to you and here's this new entity, 'All right well what can I compare it to so that I can make it feel familiar to me?' That's fine," the Megastar said adding, "Whatever you need to do, go ahead and do it. I am me. I'm the one. I'm the only. I'm LA Knight."

He went on to describe how Austin and The Rock were his "bread and butter" in high school. He spoke on how much he watched both men and how he even owned the "'Cause Stone Cold Said So," and "The Rock Says" VHS tapes.

"Those were the guys that I wanted to be when I was like 16, 17 years old ... My normal speech pattern, every day when I'm talking to you, is probably somehow derived from them. Whether that's purposeful or not, and it's definitely not, so it's just the fact that I sat there and watched every single episode of 'Monday Night Raw.' I had all the little VHS cassette tapes," he said adding, "I watched all that stuff. You're talking about formative years, very moldable years. So maybe in some way, I've just penetrated my brain in some way. Whether you want to make the comparisons, hey I'll tell you what, let's make this comparison, you want to say that I'm the Kobe to their Jordan? I'll take it."