Kenny Omega On The 'Magic' He Feels Working With Will Ospreay

The calendar may just be flipping to July, but Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay have already provided two entries into the Match of the Year conversation — one at Wrestle Kingdom 17 and the other at this year's Forbidden Door. And while their rivalry has gotten more heated with time, Omega fully understands that there is still something very special about the time he shares in the ring with the new IWGP United States Heavyweight Champion.

"I feel that magic when I'm in there with Will," Omega told Uproxx. "I feel that pressure to perform, to deliver, to give the type of performance that I guess I'm known for. So I'm thankful for people on the planet like Will who can awaken that part in me, that as time goes by, it is harder to summon."

Omega says that he's proud of his performance in the match and notes that he did everything he planned to do in preparation. He simply came up short at Forbidden Door. "I was firing on all cylinders," Omega explained. "Before the match, during the match, and I'd say after it was all done, I lost this belt. You are that guy now, Will, I'm just going to kind of let it go."

With both men splitting their two matches this year, there have been rumblings about another bout to settle the score. However, there have been no indications to this point as to when such a rubber match might occur.