Dominik Mysterio Officially Gets A New Nickname On WWE Raw

It appears Dominik Mysterio will be referred to as "Dirty Dom" going forward.

On last night's "WWE Raw," Rhea Ripley referred to Mysterio by his new nickname while issuing a challenge to World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins on behalf of her Judgment Day stablemate. "Dirty Dom says he wants to fight Seth Freakin' Rollins tonight," Ripley told Rollins as Mysterio and Damian Priest looked on.

Shortly thereafter, the "Dirty Dom" nickname appeared on the official graphic for the match, following which the announcers referred to Mysterio by his new moniker several times. Furthermore, Ripley currently sports the text "Dirty Dom" on her face, and did so even during the Mysterio versus Cody Rhodes match at last Saturday's Money in the Bank premium live event. 

Ultimately, the Rollins versus Mysterio match ended in disqualification when Priest nailed the champion with the South of Heaven, making a timely interference just as Rollins prepared to finish off Mysterio with a Stomp. However, just as Priest prepared to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase, Finn Balor came out and attacked Rollins, and in doing so, he accidentally knocked Priest off the apron. 

The show went off the air with Priest and Balor exchanging heated words, signaling the imminent implosion of Judgment Day. With Rollins' rivalry with Judgment Day far from over, it remains to be seen which of the faction's members receives a World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam. Some fans on social media have suggested the possibility of Rollins defending against all three male members of the faction in a fatal four-way bout.