Freddie Prinze Jr Books Matt Cardona Vs. Colt Cabana For Promotion's First Main Event

Actor, podcast host, and co-owner of the Premier Streaming Network Freddie Prinze Jr. has a pretty full plate already. Now he's added professional wrestling promoter, as Premier Streaming will be holding a wrestling showcase on September 9 in New Jersey. "Our main event ... it's Matt Cardona vs. Colt Cabana," Prinze revealed on the latest "Busted Open Radio." 

"[Colt] made the business of indie wrestling possible for a lot of wrestlers ... versus 'The Indy God' Matt Cardona who's taking it to the next level," Prinze said. "They're going to wrestle for our championship."

That night will also see Cardona's running mate Steph De Lander take on Rachel Ellering for the women's championship.

The Premier Streaming Network has been a platform for independent promotions to stream and house content. Prinze compares it to a hybrid of the wrestling territories of the past and the modern independent wrestling scene. Prinze has talked in the past about starting a wrestling program, recently noting that he'd scrapped plans to make a television show about wrestling and is reworking the script to become a feature film.

"It will be a drama," Prinze said last month, mentioning that nothing was set in stone and that he was merely "working out" ideas in his head, "taking some of the craziest stories I've heard about indie promotions over the years, and implementing those into a unique story of my own."