Why Booker T Says LA Knight Doesn't Need A Championship Strap In WWE

LA Knight is one of WWE's rising stars, and "WWE NXT" commentator Booker T thinks the 40-year-old is on track to become a top player in the promotion. Speaking on his "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker sang the praises of Knight's recent performances and shared his belief that Knight doesn't need a championship to win over fans.

"It's been fun listening to the talk over the week about that boy LA Knight," Booker said. "Everybody's talking about LA Knight. Everybody's pretty much coming to the same consensus: yes, he's a throwback. He's a guy that's definitely taking from what worked back in the day and bringing it to today's wrestling. And I get it, I get it. What's old is new again. He had a huge, huge ovation at Madison Square Garden. ... LA Knight is gonna get over whether he's got a belt around his waist or [not]. ... Put the rocket on LA Knight. Send him straight to the moon. That's just my opinion."

Although the WWE star went without a televised match or segment during Friday's "WWE SmackDown," Knight warmed up the Madison Square Garden crowd, with the social media clip raking in millions of views since Friday.

Booker's Reaction to LA Knight Criticism

A little later in his podcast, Booker received a question from a fan asking if he would be interested in seeing Knight take on social media star Logan Paul. Additionally, Booker was asked what his reaction was to recent criticism of Knight by people such as Kevin Nash.

"It could be [interesting], but ... that's not the match I really want to see," Booker said. "As far as LA Knight and the hate, I don't know if it was really hate from Nash or anything like that. I just think he was quoting his opinion. It was definitely criticism — constructive, one could say. ... Everybody's gonna have their opinion, and it may be different."

Booker acknowledged that he sees the influence of The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in Knight's character and presentation. However, the WWE Hall of Famer also pointed out that even Austin emulated wrestlers from the past, and it's nothing to look down upon.

"Go back and find some tape, if you possibly can, of 'Gorgeous' Gary Young," Booker continued. "You're gonna see 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin — exactly. ... This dude was working down in Dallas, and he was a hell of a worker, and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin pretty much emulates 'Gorgeous' Gary Young to this day."

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