Konnan Defends LA Knight Being Inspired By The Rock, Calls Him Hottest Guy In WWE

Recently, Kevin Nash came under fire for essentially calling L.A. Knight a cheap imitation of The Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. A number of his fellow WCW legends such as Booker T and Jeff Jarrett have chimed in to defend the self-proclaimed megastar and address the harsh criticism from "Big Sexy." Now, Konnan has shared his feelings on the matter and said that he initially agreed with his NWO Wolfpack stablemate.

On the latest "K100," the veteran luchador revealed that he wasn't sold on the former Max Dupri back when he was still in Impact Wrestling as Eli Drake. However, as Konnan saw more of his work, he got on board with Knight's act. Ultimately, he feels that the "Smackdown" Superstar takes inspiration from the Attitude Era greats rather than ripping them off.

"We had L.A. Knight on the show and I asked him about that," said Konnan. "I said, 'Hey your cadence is a lot like The Rock's.' And he goes, 'Yeah, I know.' He's not denying it, right? [He's] paying homage to the greatest to have ever done it on the mic, which I get. The first time I saw him in Impact, I [said] this guy is kind of a ripoff of The Rock. That is the first thing that I thought when I saw him. But then I kept seeing him. The Rock never said, 'Yeah!' Or 'Dummy!' He's inspired by The Rock, [who] hasn't been in wrestling on a consistent basis for 25 years. What's the big deal? I see nothing wrong with what he's doing."

Konnan went on to call Knight "the hottest guy in the company." Based on the reaction he received at Money In The Bank, it's hard to argue against his popularity. And despite somewhat agreeing with Nash's comments to a degree, the prolific booker and promoter still sees big things in Knight's future.

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit "K100" with an h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.