Adam Cole Says All In Ticket Sales Success Is 'Massive Testament' To AEW

AEW's upcoming debut in the United Kingdom has been one of the great success stories in the company's short history, with an estimated 75,000 tickets already distributed for All In on August 27 at Wembley Stadium. While the TV ratings and attendances in the United States have been raised as a growing concern for Tony Khan's promotion, the chance to perform in front of a raucous crowd at such a large venue is cause for celebration. All In will be the first major wrestling show at Wembley since SummerSlam 1992 and with six weeks until showtime, there's still a genuine chance for it to become the highest-grossing pro wrestling event in history


Speaking to "BBC Sounds," Adam Cole heralded the significance of the show and believes it could be among the best nights of his career. 

"It's absolutely unbelievable. I think it's a massive testament to AEW and kind of the brand that we've built and the excitement surrounding AEW as a whole, for sure," he said.

"Obviously, this is a huge deal, our first time over in the U.K., but it's an even bigger deal than me or so many other people -– fans and wrestlers included –- imagined. The fact that we're doing Wembley freaking Stadium is unbelievable ... the fact that we've sold over 65,000 tickets without a single person or match announced, is pretty wild," he continued. "It feels like it's gonna be one of the most special and exciting and electric atmospheres that I've ever been involved in. Obviously, the U.K. fans are some of the best fans in the entire world, without question, so getting to be around 65,000 plus of those fans is incredibly exciting.


"I never in a million years thought I was going to get the chance to perform at Wembley Stadium, and in 2023 that exists thanks to AEW. I performed in front of 200 people in the U.K.," he added, "and they are some of the rowdiest and best and most involved wrestling fans on the planet. To have 65,000 plus, I don't know if I'm ready for it."