Matt Hardy May Have Stayed With WWE, If Triple H Had Been In Charge

Although the timing didn't work out, AEW star Matt Hardy believes he might have stayed in WWE if Paul "Triple H" Levesque had been in charge of creative. Speaking to the Daily Mail ahead of next month's All In in London, England, Hardy revealed that Vince McMahon had a different position in mind for Hardy, and it wasn't something he wanted to pursue.

"I think Vince had already made up his mind," Hardy said. "He wanted me to make the transition into being a producer and that's where he saw me at. So, I knew as long as he was in charge he's ultimately going to get you there, because that's just how this is."

Hardy stated that the company eventually began offering onscreen positions to appease himself and his brother Jeff, but Matt knew that McMahon would eventually get what he wanted — Hardy as a producer. However, the former WWE World Tag Team Champion believes things could have been different if Levesque had a say in things.

"[Triple] H gave me a very generous offer to wrestle in NXT and do some [of] my Broken Matt [character]," Hardy continued. "Maybe [they would] give me a little bit of a stable, and then [I would] still be able to supplement that by being a backstage producer with WWE. If it would have been the era where Triple H was in charge, I could have ended up saying then, 'Maybe.' But it was the right call for me to leave and step out to AEW."

Since coming to AEW, Matt has become a mentor to Private Party, restarted his tag team with Jeff, and was able to step back into his "Broken" character. Most recently, Hardy has taken control over the contract of Ethan Page, helping the younger star change his dastardly ways.