Rob Van Dam Explains Why He Doesn't Wrestle Often With Wife, Impact Star Katie Forbes

For the last seven years, Rob Van Dam has found himself happily coupled with fellow wrestler Katie Forbes, with the two tying the knot not too long ago. And given that the couple once incorporated their relationship into RVD's presentation during his last run with Impact Wrestling, one would be forgiven for thinking they've shared a lot of ring time together. As it turns out, however, Van Dam has had little to do with Forbes' in-ring career post-Impact, which he explained on the latest episode of "1 Of A Kind."

"I've been in the ring with her very few times ... because I'm so stiff," Van Dam stated. "And right away, when I met her, and the first couple of times I went to a wrestling school with her, it was in LA, Santino Brothers ... she's going up on the top rope and jumping off, doing a springboard off the middle and landing on the guy, doing a hurricanrana. I'm like 'Holy crap!' I couldn't believe that she was doing all these moves. I was like 'Wow. You're acrobatic, that's amazing.'"

A big reason for that, according to RVD, is that his presence and stature makes Forbes a bit uneasy. "Even when she's at shows and has her matches, a lot of times she rather me not be there, because ... I don't know, she thinks she's going to disappoint me?" he wondered. "'Cause I mean, I'm just ... maybe because I don't want to also just say 'Hey, great job. Great job.'

"I'm just like, 'Do you want some advice that can maybe help you get better?' And a lot of people hearing that, as much as it can help, I think sometimes, that makes her nervous, 'cause she knows that I have higher standards than ... her peers at these all-girl wrestling shows that she's doing."

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