Jim Ross Health Update: Timetable For Return Unclear, Hopes To Be At AEW All In

AEW announcer Jim Ross gave an update on his health on "Grilling JR." Ross told Conrad Thompson that he'd had a rough week with his leg, and is being continually referred to different specialists for treatment following his 2021 skin cancer battle. "I'm not changing doctors. I'm just adding to doctors", Ross remarked, "I went to one doctor and he said, 'I have to get you to a specialist that can give you an antibiotic shot.' 'Why can't you do it?' 'That's not what I do.' They recommend me to this guy. It's been a challenging week." Ross explained that he felt there have been improvements in his recovery plan, but he needs a break from the action. He is at peace with the idea of starting his recovery again if he doesn't get the result he wants this time. He expanded on the level of pain he's dealing with, as well as the cause:

"My sciatic [major nerve running from the lower spine down to the back of the lower thigh], I didn't realize how crippling that is. It's been driving me crazy. It was three days where I had a hard time even walking to the bathroom. It's not been good the last week or two, but I see improvement, I see the direction, and I have hope that it's going to be fine." Regarding a return to commentary, Ross couldn't provide a timetable. He outlined concerns over infection if he were to resume traveling with an open wound on his leg. But he does want to be back in time for August's All In.

"I really want to make Wembley. Right now, I don't know if I can. I hope so. I don't want to say I have a target date, but you have to have some kind of goal. Wembley is my goal. I hope I'm back before then, but certainly, Wembley is something I want to be a part of."

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