RJ City Seemingly Responds To AEW's Rumored Banned Moves

Over the past few days, chatter has emerged that several things could be changing in AEW. First, reports emerged that Warner Bros. Discovery wanted AEW to expand their PPV schedule, even possibly up to 12 PPVs a year. And earlier today, another report emerged that AEW may be looking to ban certain moves and practices from matches going forward, including buckle bombs and unprotected shots to the head.

So far, there has been little reaction from anyone within AEW regarding the rumored changes, with one exception: RJ City. The AEW personality and host of the Sunday YouTube show "Hey! (EW)" took to Twitter Thursday afternoon, alluding to the reports by announcing that AEW had banned him from mentioning Joan Chen's 2000 romantic drama film "Autumn in New York."

A modest hit 23 years ago, "Autumn in New York" saw a middle-aged womanizer (Richard Gere) fall in love with a younger woman (Winona Ryder), who is dying from a heart condition. For whatever reason, the film seems to have struck a chord with City, who referred to the film as "timeless" when replying to a joke from Maffew of Botchamania, saying he wasn't sure City was able to reference anything as recent as that film on AEW TV.

Whether City's poking fun at reports of AEW banning certain things is a refute regarding the matter or confirmation the rule changes will soon be taking place is anybody's guess. In the end, most wrestling fans will just have to hope that City will be able to acknowledge old romantic comedies and dramas whenever he so desires.