Dr. Britt Baker Says She Helps With Dental Issues In AEW, Has Wrestlers As Patients

AEW's Dr. Britt Baker is undeniably one of the company's breakout stars. Since her sharp boom in popularity during the empty arena shows throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, she's remained one of AEW's most popular stars. 

On top of it all, she works as a dentist too. In a recent interview for Mark Andrews' "My Love Letter to Wrestling," Baker commented on juggling the two professions and whether there's any crossover between the two.

"The plates are spinning. It's just time management really. You just find a way to do it. When it's something you want to do, when it's two things you want to do, you just make it happen. Sometimes it's a little bit of sacrifice for sure," she said. "Maybe like fun, and your social life, and stuff like that. At the end of the day, I love what I get to do and I'm thankful I get to have two careers. I don't ever take that for granted, and I try to never catch myself complaining that I have to go to work either day, because I'm so thankful."

Crossover between jobs

Britt Baker's profession has some crossover with the world of professional wrestling, as accidents do happen inside the squared circle. Wrestlers have sustained damage to their teeth, or even lost some teeth, during matches many times. Baker said she does get the chance to put her skills as a dentist to work backstage for AEW.

"All the time. They actually call me to the medical room and the trainer's room anytime there's a dental issue to come take a look. On the other side, I have quite a few wrestlers that are my patients. I can't tell you who they are, so they can't sue me. I do have some wrestler patients," she said.

While wrestling can lead to physical injuries, it can also be taxing mentally to learn the craft in-ring. Combine that with going to dental school, and it's a wonder that Baker pulled through and keeps up with both professions. The secret for Baker came down to discipline.

"They definitely didn't compliment each other. I think when you're learning a craft is the most difficult and frustrating part. It's also the most exciting. I was living pretty much at the dental school, studying and in the clinic," she said. "Anytime I had free time, I had to go to the gym and try to sneak some wrestling shows and matches in. Then I had to go train at night two or three times a week as well. It was hard, but it was just time management. It was just being really, really self-disciplined."