Kenny Omega On AEW Dynamite Vikingo Match, Upcoming Rematch For AAA Mega Championship

Kenny Omega will soon be facing El Hijo del Vikingo once again at AAA's TripleMania. Ahead of their upcoming bout for the AAA Mega Championship, Omega spoke with "Sports Illustrated" about the rematch and their first match this past March on "AEW Dynamite."


"Looking back, it was very unique. I am always up for the challenge, and working with someone like Vikingo is always going to be a pleasure. We hadn't had a chance to mix it up, and I wanted that opportunity," he said. "Being the one to introduce him to our fan base was a heavy responsibility, but I wanted to make sure that anyone criticizing that Vikingo didn't deserve the spot saw exactly who he is."

The two stars were set to clash near the end of 2021, but the match was scrapped when Omega took time off to recover from injuries. In something of a surprise, the match was suddenly announced for the main event of an episode of "Dynamite." Omega told "Sports Illustrated" that the sudden introduction was a "tough position."


He also spoke about the cultural significance of the Lucha Libre style in the face of criticism from some fans and said he's interested to see how fans will react in Mexico. The former AEW World Champion is ready to lean into however fans react, whether it's more in his or Vikingo's favor. In the end, he had one prediction for TripleMania.

"I'm going to Vikingo's home turf, I'll refamiliarize myself with that six-sided ring, and I'm going to give him another taste of what he received on Dynamite. [...] This is another chance to put myself on the map, and take someone else with me."