Darby Allin Says AEW Partnership With Sting Wasn't His Idea, It Happened 'Naturally'

While a number of AEW tag teams continue to crumble, Darby Allin and Sting have managed to maintain a steady partnership with one another. While some fans attributed this pairing to their mutual usage of face paint, Allin reiterates that their connection ran much deeper than that. Speaking on the "Lost Signals" podcast, Allin explained how he and Sting became aligned on AEW programming. 

"That was never my idea. I wouldn't want to put myself in those shoes," he said. "I never wanted to be the guy that says, 'Yo, Tony [Khan], I got a great idea. Why don't I become world champion?' It's like, 'No sh**, Sherlock,' but I didn't want to be the guy, 'Yeah, I've got a good idea. I want to team with Sting,' because everybody wants a team with Sting on paper. But to be given the opportunity –- it just naturally started happening and then [AEW] saw the chemistry that I had with him and then they just said, 'Yeah, this is the guy. Darby is kind of like the 'Sting Whisperer' in a way.'"

Allin then recalled his various meetings with "The Icon," which included a flight down to Sting's house in Texas. Upon training in Sting's personal ring, Allin says that's when he convinced the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion to step back into live wrestling action

As Allin and Sting continued to mingle off camera, their bond only grew stronger. For this reason, Allin believes AEW President Tony Khan then paired them together on-screen. "I think we have such a good connection that no one gets to see [but] behind the scenes and stuff like that. So, it's awesome. But I believe at the end of the day, that was probably Tony's idea, just because he saw the chemistry with us," Allin said.

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