STARDOM's Utami Hayashishita Makes Ring Of Honor Debut At AEW Calgary Tapings

STARDOM's Utami Hayashishita wrestled tonight at the Ring of Honor tapings prior to "AEW Collision."  Hayashishita's match came during a Ring of Honor taping in Calgary, prior to both "AEW Collision" and "AEW Battle of the Belts" broadcasts. On the taping, Hayashishita faced off with Trish Adora.

At just 24 years old, Hayashishita has already become a highly decorated star in STARDOM. The current leader of Queen's Quest, Hayashishita has held the World of STARDOM Championship, the Goddesses of STARDOM Championship, and the Artist of STARDOM Championship in addition to having previously been the second-ever Future of STARDOM Champion. As the World of STARDOM champion, Hayashishita held the title for 409 days. Her reign with the title was the fourth longest in history, just behind the reigns of Nanae Takahashi and WWE's IYO SKY.

Hayashishita recently wrestled her debut match in America against Billie Starkz for GCW. Since then, she's also wrestled Janai Kai and LuFisto for GCW. Later this month, STARDOM's 5STAR Grand Prix will begin with Hayashishita wrestling in the BLUE STARS Block.