QT Marshall Wins Ambulance Match Vs. Pentagon Jr. At AAA TripleMania XXXI: Tijuana

After months of torment from QT Marshall, Pentagon Jr. (aka Penta El Zero Miedo) finally received an opportunity to get some payback. Despite his best efforts, though, the numbers game was too much for Pentagon to overcome, resulting in Marshall walking away with the victory.

During Lucha Libre AAA's TripleMania XXXI: Tijuana event on Saturday, Pentagon and Marshall battled in the company's first-ever ambulance match. This also marked Marshall's in-ring debut for AAA.

Pentagon assumed early control of the matchup until the momentum soon took a drastic, and rather bloody, turn, as Marshall nailed Pentagon with a chair and light tubes. Marshall then handcuffed Pentagon's hands together, but that soon backfired when Pentagon used the links to choke Marshall and subsequently free himself. As the action intensified, thumbtacks were introduced.

After both men absorbed a back-full of tacks, Marshall led Pentagon toward the ambulance, attempting to throw him inside. Pentagon fought back and appeared to be inches away from victory, until Marshall's QTV stablemate Aaron Solo arrived and smashed a light tube over Pentagon. This allowed Marshall to then hit a Diamon Cutter on Pentagon and toss him into the ambulance to secure the win.