Road Dogg Reveals WWE Storyline He Believes Made Bryan Danielson Who He Is Today

Today Bryan Danielson is seen as one of the biggest names in professional wrestling, but like anybody who reaches those heights, that is something he had to work towards. While many will point to his battles against The Authority as the storyline that truly made him, on his "Oh You Didn't Know" podcast, Road Dogg pointed to Danielson's run in Team Hell No as truly establishing him.

"I believe in my mind as far as that's what made Daniel Bryan to me, that's what made him somebody that I love," Dogg said. "Other than just this great technical wrestler who can do it as good, if not better than everybody else, like okay that's cool. But for me, the guy who likes entertainment and juggling chainsaws like, show me something." The partnership between Kane and Danielson was a classic case of an oddball pairing of people who wouldn't traditionally work but ended up becoming great friends. They initially started as rivals and slowly built up a bond thanks to some hilarious backstage counseling sessions, which Road Dogg believes is how Danielson showcased his comedic timing. 

"All of a sudden he opened Pandora's box of, 'Come on in, welcome aboard let's have a blast.' That's when for me that's when he really impressed me," Dogg said. "What impresses me now is that he's still going, and still going hard even after injury after injury, he really loves the game of wrestling." Danielson has put together some of his best matches in recent years for AEW, but Dogg admits, "I wish he would love the game of entertainment more."

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