MJF Calls FTR 'Best Tag Team In The World' After AEW Collision Match

MJF had nothing but praise for FTR after he and Adam Cole unsuccessfully challenged for the AEW World Tag Team Championship on last night's "AEW Collision." After the show went off the air, MJF brought up the fact that he was once in a stable called The Pinnacle alongside Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, expressing regret that his own arrogance led to the stable being disbanded prematurely.

"At the time, I was too arrogant to realize how great FTR is," MJF said, admitting that he butted heads with Harwood and Wheeler due to their cultural differences. "I'm a New York yuppie, you're real Southern, right? You hit hard, I do eye pokes. I'm old money, you're new money, but if there's one thing that I can say we have in common is that we love professional wrestling.

"And tonight, whether it means anything to you or now, the AEW World Champion wanted to say, it is apparent — you two are the best tag team in the world."

MJF then suggested that the four men in the ring "celebrate their differences and similarities" by enjoying something that is "world famous" in Hartford, Connecticut. At this point, MJF began a "bring out the pizza" chant,  much to the delight of fans in the XL Center, who joined in on the fun. Once an AEW official brought out a pizza, Harwood decided to repay the favor by bringing out a bottle of tequila.

The segment concluded with the four men sharing a slice of pizza and raising a toast with their tequila-filled solo cups. 

Ever since his pairing with Cole, the AEW World Champion has exhibited babyface tendencies, and his latest interaction with FTR is likely another step toward his character change. After their loss to FTR, an irate MJF teased blindsiding Cole with his title belt, but the two men ended up hugging out to close the show. Some fans have suggested the possibility of Cole eventually betraying MJF.