Seth Rollins Call LA Knight 'A Throwback To The Attitude Era' In WWE

Many wrestling fans are often clamoring for the wrestling business to return to the days of the Attitude Era, and while that is not going to happen Seth Rollins believes that there is one WWE Superstar on the roster that harkens back to those days.

"And the LA Knight thing, he's got a call and response thing with the audience. He's got that feeling that he's being held down a little bit," Rollins said to "Fox News." "He's got that chip on his shoulder, and, in some ways, he's just a throwback to the Attitude Era."

Knight's performances have led to some comparisons to some legends from the Attitude Era in the form of Steve Austin and The Rock. It is the latter that people have truly linked him to, mainly because of the manner in which he delivers his promos, but unlike others, Rollins doesn't see that as a negative.

"Those two are some of the most popular superstars in the history of our industry," he said. "I think any comparison you're going to get to them, especially from a popularity standpoint, is a win."

The WWE Universe has been pushing to see Knight gain even more opportunities down the line, and Rollins is included in that as he believes that the sky's the limit for him as a performer.

"I'm looking forward to seeing kind of where this renewed, invigorated passion for LA Knight kinda leads his character and leads him in the next year," Rollins added. "It's really going to be fascinating to watch."