Cody Rhodes Reveals The Inspiration Behind His Neck Tattoo

Few tattoos in the history of professional wrestling have proven to be as talked about as Cody Rhodes' now infamous neck tattoo, which he got during his AEW career. It's something that tends to split opinions with some fans loving that he proudly displays his "American Nightmare" logo to show how much it means to him, while others — including his wife — simply don't like it, but he has now revealed more details about it. 


Everyone who gets a tattoo has their own specific reason, and during a Twitter Q&A, Rhodes revealed the inspiration behind his. While he initially admitted he didn't know, Rhodes went on to say, "There were 2 guys that really inspired me, one had a chest tat and the other had the iconic bull on his the time I just wanted to wear my own brand as loudly and proudly as I could but didn't want to copy their style."


While he didn't officially name-drop anyone specifically, the iconic bull on the arm seems to be a nod to The Rock, whose tattoo became something fans knew him for. The Rock has since gone on to adapt that over the years, enhancing it and adding even more details to help push its importance and prominence. The chest tattoo he named could be several people, with Brock Lesnar's sword piece being one of the most iconic. 

Rhodes' own tattoo certainly caught people by surprise when he first unveiled it, but since then it is something that has helped in developing his own "American Nightmare" brand. Even though it has been used at times by his rivals as a diss, the tattoo is something that has inspired plenty of fans to get the logo put on their own bodies, while WWE even released temporary neck tattoos to buy, capitalizing on the buzz surrounding it.