The Blue Meanie Explains The Origins Of His Ring Name

ECW veteran Brian "The Blue Meanie" Heffron has joined the list of wrestlers to start their own podcast, and on the first episode of the show, titled "Making The Town," Heffron revealed the story behind his professional wrestling moniker. Here's a hint: fans of a certain massively-popular, mop-headed 1960s band may already know the answer.


"In the month between October and November [1995], Raven had pitched the idea for The Blue Meanie, because I had reminded him of the character from The Beatles' movie, 'The Yellow Submarine,'" Heffron said. According to Heffron, Raven was "an unsung hero" for a lot of talent in ECW.

After revealing the Blue Meanie character's origin, Heffron described the night of his ECW debut, where he began as a "fan" planted in the audience. A month prior, Heffron was supposed to be involved in a different angle that never came to be. Initially, Heffron was simply supposed to be a super-fan of Stevie Richards in the front row, and Richards' opponent that night would come over and hit Heffron, causing him to flee. However, due to a mishap earlier in the night involving a "Cactus Jack" Mick Foley, Tommy Dreamer, and a flaming chair, the angle was canceled at the last minute.


The next month, Richards would still be introducing Heffron, but this time as The Blue Meanie. Heffron recalled what he was told to do the night of his character's big debut while in the front row.

"My instructions [were]: 'Only sell for Stevie Richards," Heffron continued. The Blue Meanie paid no attention to other ECW stars that night, finally beginning his partnership with Richards and, by association, Raven. Richards and Heffron would spend a great deal of time working together, with The Blue Meaning acting as Richards' henchman for the next year.