The Blue Meanie On What Inspired His ECW Character, Recent Cameo In WWE Video

The Blue Meanie was one of ECW's most memorable characters, and for someone who was born and raised in Philadelphia, working for the company was a dream come true. But the character, itself, was more of just an extension of who Brian Heffron was as a person as he told Wrestling Inc.'s Michael Wiseman at WrestleCade.

"Basically the Blue Meanie character is me with the volume turned up," stated Heffron. "Everything I used to get in trouble for in grade school, I got paid for later in life.

"Teachers would say on my report card, 'Brian keeps making fart noises in class. Please ask him to stop.' And then 20 years later I'm on ECW going [mocks fart noises]. I'm just a guy who grew up loving wrestling and got to step over the guardrail to participate in my favorite profession in the world."

Heffron had a short run in WWE but has mostly wrestled on the independent scene since his ECW stint. He also became a trainer at the acclaimed Monster Factory wrestling school in New Jersey.

Even though training is keeping him busy, Heffron was asked about possibly appearing on WWE television again. According to Heffron, followers of WWE's YouTube accounts already have seen him show up on programming.

"WWE has a new [YouTube] channel called WWEPC for the Performance Center," said Heffron. "They have a new show called Arrival about Matt Riddle and in episode No. 2 I was one of Matt Riddle's coaches at The Monster Factory... We coached Matt Riddle ? helped him go from UFC to pro wrestling. So, they showed him visiting us before he goes out to the Performance Center. So, technically I am on WWE TV right now.

"Other than that, I'm doing stuff like [WrestleCade]. I'm doing independents, just trying to keep my hand everywhere. In this business you've got to be good at not just wrestling, you've got to be good at everything."

You can watch the full interview in the video above.