Chad Gable Discusses Alpha Academy's Organic Growth In WWE

The Alpha Academy is currently thriving as a unit on "WWE Raw" with the duo having recently added Maxxine Dupri to their ranks. The faction has built up some trust with the audience and has won over the fans with their antics and in-ring prowess. 

But, Chad Gable said on the "After The Bell" podcast that the duo had to go through some transition last year to get themselves back on track after admitting they got lost in the tag team picture following their RK-Bro feud.

"The cool thing about it was I got a chance to do some singles stuff, he did some singles stuff," Gable said. "I think what the crowd got out of that was a glimpse into like, 'Man, these guys are not just tag team guys, and they're not just one dimensional and we kind of like watching them wrestle, they're pretty awesome.'"

The in-ring quality of both men has been showcased regularly, and Gable believes that it is something that has earned them respect from the WWE Universe.

"You build that favor with them and all of a sudden, it kind of happens organically, which I think is the best way with what we do for anything to happen," he said. "Where they kind of just get behind you because you're putting in these performances week after week where they can go, 'I like that guy.'"

Since teaming up together in late 2020, Gable and Otis have held gold once, winning the "Raw" Tag Team titles in January last year, before losing it to RK-Bro.

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "After The Bell" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.