Cody Rhodes Confirms He Left AEW Due To A 'Personal Issue'

Ever since former All Elite Wrestling EVP Cody Rhodes departed the company in early 2022, rumors and speculation have swirled regarding his reasons for leaving. Speaking in the documentary "American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes," the former TNT Champion briefly addressed the rumors and his decision to leave AEW.


"I can't tell you why I left AEW," Rhodes said. "I can't, and I won't. But I can tell you the reasons that were said that didn't actually matter. I didn't leave AEW because of money, and I didn't leave AEW because of other talents. I left AEW because of a personal issue — that's it."

Rhodes then stated that leaving the company allowed him to pursue his first and biggest childhood dream: winning the WWE Championship. Immediately after he left AEW, the wrestling world began buzzing about the possibility of Rhodes returning to WWE. Just a few months later, he made his big return at WWE WrestleMania 38 as the surprise opponent for Seth Rollins.

The "American Nightmare" doc isn't the first time Rhodes has addressed his decision to leave AEW. The WWE star has previously cited a "personal" issue as a reason on social media, and Rhodes told "Stone Cold" Steve Austin in May of last year that he didn't want to become "a gatekeeper" for the promotion.


Based on statements made by both Rhodes and AEW co-owner Tony Khan, it's a strong possibility that non-disclosure agreements have been signed, forbidding either side from publicly discussing the matter. If not, Rhodes and Khan both simply wish to remain tight-lipped about whatever personal issue Rhodes had in the promotion.