Kurt Angle On Genesis Of TNA's Main Event Mafia, Leading Stable

During a recent Q&A edition of "The Kurt Angle Show," WWE and Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Kurt Angle was asked about his time in TNA's Main Event Mafia faction.

"It was so much fun. Here, they're allowing us to take over the show, you know, we're the Main Event Mafia," Angle said. "It was a cool faction. Kevin Nash came up with the idea and he wanted me to be the head of it. Obviously, Sting started out as the lead, but then eventually I ended up being the 'godfather' because I was the workhorse of the bunch. I worked full-time and I was the best performer, so they made me the head of it."


Angle continued, "But that night when we were able to do that, taking over everything, it was just really cool. We literally did take over. There was nobody producing it but me, and you have the Main Event Mafia commentating. It was a really cool show. It was something they allowed us to do to kind of stretch out our creativity and do things in the way we want them done and it was really cool."

The Main Event Mafia was officially formed in October 2008 with Angle, Sting, Nash, and Booker T as the original members. They would eventually add the likes of Scott Steiner, Christian Cage (temporarily), Samoa Joe, and Traci Brooks.

Their year-long run proved to be effective as Booker T and Steiner captured tag team gold, Sting and Angle both held the World Heavyweight Championship, and Joe added another X-Division title to his accolades.


Booker T recently shared that he thinks Main Event Mafia should have been as big as other iconic factions such as DX or NWO.

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