Drew McIntyre Wants To Watch This WWE SummerSlam 2023 Match As A Fan

Drew McIntyre will face GUNTHER at WWE SummerSlam in a highly anticipated match. However, the Scotsman has his eyes on the encounter between Logan Paul and Ricochet as he knows they're cooking up some crazy ideas.

"It's a match that's hopefully on after me. Because I would love to have my war and then once I'm sitting down icing myself off once GUNTHER and I are finished, I can watch the match as a fan," he told "Cheap Heat." "I am going to be highly sports entertained by the athleticism that's going to be brought during that match."

McIntyre might be disappointed because Paul has requested to be in the opening match at SummerSlam as he intends to fly out immediately to try and catch his brother's boxing match against Nate Diaz. However, McIntyre has been impressed by the YouTube star as he's a celebrity who respects the wrestling industry. 

"It's cool they're here, but how do they act while they're here? Do they treat our industry with respect, because not a lot of people do from the outside," he said. "People come in and they have a big head and then I love when they get in front of our fans and our fans can smell the BS and they boo them out the building.  

McIntyre pointed out that Paul also got booed, but he was able to adapt and embrace the situation to create a character. "All he's wanted to do is do a great job and have great matches and he's done that," McIntyre said. "He's had stand-out matches on the show, not just good matches on the show, and perhaps even the best match on a couple of shows. Himself and Roman was an incredible match."

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