Cody Rhodes Wants To Induct Brother Dustin Into WWE HOF, Won't Rule Out Future Teamup

Cody Rhodes is on the tips of everyone's tongues following the release of "American Nightmare: Becoming Cody Rhodes," his Peacock documentary chronicling the tale of his WWE career. However, he is keen to share the limelight with the rest of his pro wrestling family, including his older brother, and AEW star, Dustin Rhodes.

The "American Nightmare" called their brotherhood very unique before expressing his hope that fans appreciate the level that Dustin Rhodes performs at 54 years of age. Furthermore, he'd love the honor of being the person who inducts Dustin into the WWE Hall of Fame, as he told Sports Illustrated.

"Dustin's an all-time great. I'm not saying he's going anywhere, but he won't be here forever. I hope people appreciate that he is still trying to go at the highest level and trying to pass his knowledge on, and I would jump at the chance to do one more thing with him. To induct him in the Hall of Fame, which is so well-deserved on his part — and Arn Anderson. Arn is blood in his own way. I'd love to do more with Dustin and Arn."

The Rhodes brothers have a well-documented history, both as opponents and partners. The pair wrestled one another in their shared AEW singles debut, with the younger brother picking up the win at AEW Double or Nothing 2019. They later teamed together, wrestling teams like the Young Bucks and Lucha Brothers. But Rhodes doesn't want his and Dustin's wrestling trajectory to end there.

"I would also never turn down an opportunity to team with him again," he said, "We've had an even better experience wrestling against each other."