Arn Anderson On What He'd Like To See More Of In AEW

Arn Anderson is a legendary figure within pro wrestling, and he currently offers his wisdom in a professional capacity with AEW. As well as working as a backstage producer for the company, he is aligned onscreen with Wardlow. Anderson got to discussing the intricacies of the sport during the latest "ARN," in particular the difference between wrestling and MMA. 

"The first thing you have to do to be able to win a wrestling match is you have to gain control of your opponent and maintain control of your opponent, that's the storytelling part," Anderson explained. He said that within wrestling it's vital to allow the audience to figure out their feelings towards the competitors in the ring, supplemented with plot devices like facial expressions and "opponent-to-opponent" commentary. Anderson said that he wishes to see more segment time for AEW stars to tell the story. He said that the only way to build a genuine connection with the audience is to talk to them, and that he is personally a fan of capturing the winner's raw emotions in an immediate post-match interview. But overall, he feels like what's missing from modern storytelling is allowing the audience to settle down and get invested in the battle before them. 

"The storytelling part of our industry is you have to have enough time. That's why I say these kids out there and man, they're doing everything in the world risking their life, limb, body, health, you name it, to try and entertain today's audience and give them some high wire act and all that."