Eric Bischoff Clarifies Comments About WWE's Bloodline Storyline Losing Steam

As the road to SummerSlam nears its end, fans will get to witness Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns face his cousin Jey Uso in Tribal Combat at the show on Saturday. The match will not only be for Reigns's title but for the heart and soul of The Bloodline, the familial connection between all members of the Anoa'i family. 

So heated has the story become that former WCW President Eric Bischoff felt the need to walk back some comments on the latest "83 Weeks" podcast. The Hall of Famer had previously said the storyline was losing steam, but he clarified that it's the natural inertia of storytelling.

"Is the Bloodline storyline at its apex now like it was leading into WrestleMania? No!" Bischoff exclaimed. "Because we're not going into WrestleMania. You can't keep a story at fever pitch, especially not one that's lasted this long ... It's going to ebb and it's going to flow just like any dramatic series, anything, a book. It's going to have its rollercoaster effect when it comes to the emotions."

He went on to say that he thinks the pacing of the story has been incredible and reiterated that any story would logically decelerate after a big event like WrestleMania. "I didn't mean to suggest it's losing steam," said the Hall of Famer.

Bischoff has not been tight-lipped in his praise of the storyline, recently saying that The Bloodline Saga was even better than the NWO storyline that he came up with in WCW.

"Will it have the same impact on the industry as the NWO did? Probably not," Bischoff hedged. "But, that has a lot to do with timing."