RevPro Announces CMLL Partnership, UK Show Confirmed

It's not only been a very successful year for CMLL but it's been a good year for the promotion's FantasticaMania brand. Not only did CMLL and New Japan team up for their annual FantasticaMania tour in Japan this past January, but they also brought it to Mexico, with NJPW stars like El Desperado, Hiromu Takahashi, and Tetsuya Naito all being brought in for a week-long tour of CMLL's major arenas.

It was enough of a success that FantasticaMania is coming to the United Kingdom as well. On Thursday morning, RevolutionPro Wrestling announced that it has formed a working relationship with CMLL, with the promotions kicking off the partnership with a FantasticaMania UK show of their own on September 23. The show, taking place from the Love Factory in Manchester, England, will coincide with Manchester's "Taco Town" festival, said to be "The UK's Biggest Taco and Tequilla festival."

While the RevPro and CMLL partnership is a relatively new one, the promotions have been connected for years due to their respective partnerships with NJPW. No announcements were made regarding which CMLL talents will be appearing at FantasticaMania UK, though from the RevPro side, it's expected top stars such as Will Ospreay, current RPW Champion Michael Oku, Ricky Knight Jr., and others will feature.

FantasticaMania UK will cap off a big September for CMLL, which will also hold its biggest event of the year, the 90th CMLL Aniversario. That event will take place only a week before FantasticaMania UK on September 16, emulating out of CMLL's home arena, Arena Mexico. Meanwhile, RevPro will host its biggest show ever on AEW All In weekend.