Why Xavier Woods Says WWE Hiatus Has Been A 'Good Reset' For Him

WWE star Xavier Woods hasn't wrestled since the May 15 episode of "WWE Raw," and The New Day member is enjoying it. Appearing on "The Bump," Woods revealed that it's been nice to have some time off as he approaches a landmark in his wrestling career.

"Honestly, it's been a good little reset, you know?" Woods said. "Next year will be 20 years in wrestling for me, so being able to take a couple of weeks and ... mentally reset, and then kind of reset your body as well — it's good for the mind."

All three members of The New Day have been out of action as of late. Kofi Kingston suffered an ankle injury back in March and has yet to return after undergoing surgery in June. As for Big E, the former WWE Champion broke his neck in March 2022. However, once they are healthy again, Woods sees a lot of opportunity ahead for the group.

"It's cool seeing so many people from NXT finally come up to [the main roster] — people that we've wanted to wrestle with for so long," Woods continued, citing Pretty Deadly and Grayson Waller as some examples. "It's really cool because I know that once we are back — Kofi and myself — there [are] so many new chess pieces on the board to mess with."

Despite his recent break, Woods has stayed busy with his YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. The channel uploads videos every few days, including a series that focuses on Woods and former WWE star Tyler Breeze playing GM modes in various wrestling video games. However, Woods is now ready to return to wrestling.

"If I'm honest, there are a lot of things that are circulating in my mind, and I am beyond ready to get them out onscreen," Woods concluded.

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