LuFisto Details Issues With Her AEW Experience, Dustin Rhodes Responds

Independent veteran LuFisto has caused quite a stir online, and her latest explanation may shine a light on some of the issues in the AEW women's division. On July 28, she took to Twitter to take aim at the company, claiming some women had "too much power" and "trash talked" newcomers in the locker room, leading to speculation about those involved during her one AEW match in April 2022 and Britt Baker denying any involvement in LuFisto not being signed.

In a lengthy interview with Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp, LuFisto opened up on her experiences with AEW before, during, and after her six-woman tag team match on an episode of "AEW Dark: Elevation" in April of last year. Among the issues covered in-depth, LuFisto detailed an altercation with Dustin Rhodes and Ruby Soho, claiming Rhodes referred to French-Canadian people as "a**holes" backstage.

During the interview, LuFisto also recounted negative experiences during the three-minute match and Rhodes' criticism afterward. LuFisto claims Rhodes accused her of "making the other girls look bad." She also pointed to organizational issues behind the scenes in AEW, specifically a scheduled meeting with Tony Khan regarding a coaching position with the company that she says fell through.

Dustin Rhodes Responds

Following the release of the interview, Rhodes took to social media to respond. He admitted to his critique of LuFisto and made it clear that he believed it was warranted on the night in question.

"Hey @LuFisto, read your story and sometimes as a coach I have to be very honest and won't ever tell you a lie about how good or bad it was," Rhodes wrote on Twitter. "Sometimes hard love comes out and wouldn't have it any other way. I hope you find what you're looking for."

LuFisto returned to Twitter Thursday night with more accusations. She said she had spoken on the phone with "a current AEW talent" and was told that women who tried to address the backstage issues LuFisto raised were punished and sent home.

"The legitimate wrestlers believe Tony (Khan) doesn't give a damn about women's wrestling and feel like they are going back to the Divas era," LuFisto wrote.

LuFisto also alluded to learning about an AEW backstage meeting where one of the topics discussed was "to shoot on Thunder Rosa." LuFisto wrote that Khan attended this meeting and "reminded" those in attendance that "their segments were the lowest."