Candice Michelle On WWE Magic Wand Leaving Fit Finlay Speechless

Former WWE star Candice Michelle was contracted with the company from 2004 until 2009, making a brief return in 2019 to win the 24/7 Championship. Discussing her time in wrestling with "WrestlingNewsCo," Michelle discussed the magic wand prop that became a big part of her presentation.

"Did I ever tell you the story about my wand and how I wanted it to be like Triple H's sledgehammer?" Michelle asked interviewer Steve Fall. "I was traveling, and we would go to stripper stores, and at the stripper stores, we would find our gear. It's just what we did back in the day. And so we're in there, and it's Halloween, and there's this star wand for a costume. And I look at Torrie Wilson and Victoria and I'm like, 'I'm gonna use this, and this is gonna be my new gimmick.'"

Michelle then recalled heading to a taping of "WWE Raw" to debut the wand for the first time. Heading down for a tag team match, Michelle remembered meeting Fit Finlay in the ring and telling him she intended to use the wand the same way Triple H used his sledgehammer, leaving Finlay seemingly in shock. According to Michelle, though he initially found it funny, Finlay approached her backstage years later, telling her that his daughter desperately wanted one of her wands.

"Okay, maybe it's not as cool as a sledgehammer, but they turned that flimsy wand into a steel wand, that really was like a weapon," Michelle continued. "That steel wand totally got over." The former WWE star revealed that, while the company never sold the wand as merchandise, she recently had some made and sells them on her own.

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