Ronda Rousey Choked Out In Possible Final WWE Match Vs. Shayna Baszler At SummerSlam

Ronda Rousey's time with WWE may be at an end after she was choked out by real-life best friend Shayna Baszler during their MMA Rules SummerSlam match, where the rules were specified as "pass out, tap out, knock out."


It was the first time the two friends have gone one-on-one in a WWE ring, having split up as a tag team weeks prior at Money In The Bank, with Baszler turning on Rousey, costing them the Women's Tag Team Championships. The women started the match off with a ground-and-pound game, going for submissions and trading punches. At one point in the match, Baszler caught a running knee from Rousey directly to the face and was checked on by the referee. Later in the match, ring doctors came in to check on Baszler in the corner and Rousey pushed them away.

Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch in the middle of the ring, and Rousey got to the ropes, though rope breaks were not recognized during the MMA Rules bout. Knowing Rousey's offense having trained with her, Baszler was able to counter an armbar attempt into another Kirifuda Clutch for the win having choked Rousey out.