GUNTHER Believes WWE WrestleMania In London Is Possible

Ever since John Cena appeared at WWE's Money In The Bank and teased the idea of WrestleMania taking place in England it has been the talk of the wrestling world and discussion about the possibility of whether or not it will happen hasn't ceased. The current Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER has been the latest to give his thoughts on the matter, admitting to Daily Mail that he could totally see it happening.

"I think Clash at the Castle proved that selling out those huge stadiums is not a huge deal for WWE at the moment," he said. "The people want to experience it, so if they get the logistics done and everything else that comes with that, because it could be a little bit tricky to run Europe, I really hope it's something they go for."

WWE has put together two major premium live events in the United Kingdom across the past two years, while AEW is set to run Wembley Stadium for All In later this month, proving that there is a clear demand for wrestling in that area of the world. WWE has also been putting on a lot more events outside of the continental United States as of late, with the regular shows in Saudi Arabia and the recent PLE in Puerto Rico all helping the company grow.

The news of WWE potentially bringing the show even caught the attention of British politicians, with Alex Davies-Jones, who is the Labour Party MP for Pontypridd advocating for it to happen, adding further fuel to the fire. However, WrestleMania 41 is the nearest date that this could happen, and it has been reported that WWE is currently focusing on hosting that show in the United States.