Why Bianca Belair Says International WWE WrestleMania Is 'Only A Matter Of Time'

WWE has been putting a large emphasis on international premium live events as well, putting on shows in England, Saudi Arabia, and Puerto Rico as of late, all of which have been met with great success. John Cena recently teased the idea of WrestleMania happening in England at some stage in the future, and Bianca Belair told Denise Salcedo she thinks that it will happen eventually.

"Now people are like, 'Hey, are we gonna do a WrestleMania somewhere international?' I think it's only a matter of time."

Belair has been able to be part of several of the international shows and she claims that they have been amazing in terms of fan reactions. It's something that has helped make the shows special, but it isn't just the rest of the WWE Universe that appreciates the energy that is created, as it means a lot to the WWE Superstars as well. 

"We don't get to go there a lot so they don't get to see us a lot. The international crowds are some of the best crowds ever, I mean they're so excited to see us, they're invested, they're loud, and it's great because it shows you how global WWE is," she said. "We can go to other countries and people know exactly who they are and they want us there, you know?"

The "Est Of WWE" pointed out that people have heard the loud crowd reactions that have taken place on the shows. This is one of the reasons putting WrestleMania on in England is appealing to many people, with the likes of Cena and GUNTHER having publicly backed it

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