Rob Van Dam Talks AEW Locker Room Environment Amid Rumors Of Backstage Concerns

Rob Van Dam was hidden in his own private room for much of his "AEW Dynamite" debut, but from what RVD saw of the locker room, things seemed friendly and convivial. "It's not quite the big, stressful production of WWE," RVD said on "One of a Kind." "It's definitely not like a small little indie show. Somewhere in between but closer to WWE." RVD says that AEW's size is comparable to some of the international shows he's done in the UK and for Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. "People are walking around, generally happy to be there."

RVD can't think of any glaring issues that he witnessed in the AEW locker room. He was approached by Sammy Guevara, whom RVD said had his wife Tay Melo take a photo of "The Whole F'n Show" with the multi-time TNT Champion. "He seemed very pleased that I was there," RVD gushed. "A lot of guys did." The former ECW World Champion said that Guevara "fan-boyed" for the WWE Hall of Famer, and RVD appreciated how "cool" Guevara was about the whole encounter.

RVD is set to wrestle his first match in AEW on Wednesday, taking on FTW Champion Jack Perry at the behest of AEW Coach Jerry Lynn. Lynn and RVD are longtime friends and rivals from ECW, and Lynn called upon "Mr. Monday Night" to help teach the brash son of Luke Perry a lesson. The match will be Perry's first defense since winning the title on July 19 at "Dynamite: Blood and Guts."