Anthony Bowens Names This AEW Segment As A Career Highlight

Anthony Bowens has been involved in several major moments throughout his run with AEW, but it was The Acclaimed's "National Scissoring Day" that stands out the most for him, as he explained to "Chrissy Chaos." "It was one of my favorite things we have ever done I think in my career," Bowens revealed. "It was trending all day and people were just going absolutely crazy. They had their custom scissors, Billy presented us with the golden scissors of the city. I was very proud of this." 

It was a big moment for Bowens in particular because he was given a lot of time to talk himself, showcasing his personality and skills on the microphone. It was the first time that he had experienced that, which allowed him to truly prove his abilities rather than just relying on Max Caster. "A lot of times everything is focused on the rap, which is good because Max is so entertaining and charismatic and funny, but we never, or I never had an opportunity to do an in-ring promo to show that I can speak and I have my own personality," he said. "This was the first moment where I showed people I can carry a segment, I can talk."

Bowens also admitted that he would rather do a 15-minute promo segment than put together a match right now, showcasing the power that he can see in simply having a microphone in his hand. "I think we get so much more mileage out of it having fun with my catchphrases. I don't think there's any better power and feeling when I scream, ”Everyone loves,' and I don't have to say, 'The Acclaimed' and I have 10,000 people finish it for me, insane."

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Chrissy Chaos" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.