Max Caster Names The AEW Rap Promo He Did That Got John Cena's Attention

The Acclaimed's Max Caster has revealed which of his rap promos caught John Cena's eye. "The first one, I think is the one that made John Cena notice me, which was about a year ago, a little bit more than a year ago, when I said booty butt cheeks to Sonny Kiss," said Caster while speaking with PWInsider. "Then a week later, it's one of the most viral videos on the internet, especially coming out of AEW." Caster and his tag team partner, Anthony Bowens, wrestled against Kiss and Joey Janela during the May 11 edition of "AEW: Dark" last year. Ahead of the match, Caster cut a rap promo on the pair in which he rapped about how he had a better butt than Kiss.

Cena had praised Caster earlier this year for his skills on the mic, stating that he was extremely gifted. Cena also said didn't think he would ever be able to beat him in a rap battle, and that when he heard the rap from this show, he immediately asked a friend to give Caster his information before falling down the rabbit hole of the other raps that he had done.

Caster Discusses What Gets The Biggest Reaction From The Crowd

Caster stated that anytime he raps about fellow AEW star Sonny Kiss it always ends up going viral. He said that he is always shocked by the reaction it gets because he never expects it to get as big as it does. He got the chance to show off his skills once again when he came face to face with Kiss on the March 28 edition of "AEW: Dark Elevation", but this time, in singles action.

"I said that Sonny's a** is fake or something like that, and again, that one blew up so I'm always surprised at how much the fans react to anything [with] Sonny Kiss but I think that's also a testament to how great Sonny is and how loved Sonny is by our fan base." He also mentioned that he no longer uses references that are specific to the location that the company is in or anything related to the rap world because they didn't get the same kind of reaction as it would with Kiss.