Heels Season 2 Episode 3 Recap/spoilers: Discord

"Heels" Season 2, Episode 2 ended with a cliffhanger for the ages. After venturing into the woods, seemingly with plans to build a new life as a wild man, Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) fell off a cliff and got stuck in a tree. The episode ended with him crying out for help in the dead of night, but no one was around to hear him scream. That's arguably the most intriguing storyline heading into Episode 3, "Discord," but it certainly isn't the only one.

The previous episode also saw the unthinkable happen, as Jack Spade (Stephen Amell) and "Wild" Bill Hancock (Chris Bauer) put Crystal (Kelli Berglund) over by letting her retain the Duffy Wrestling League's top championship in a match against them. The crowd is firmly on Crystal's side, too, indicating that it might be time for the South Georgian family promotion to finally introduce a women's division.

Elsewhere, some debt collectors called Willie Day (Mary McCormack) to enquire about payments following the DWL's successful South Georgia State Fair show. Meanwhile, young Thomas Spade (Roxton Garcia) might be dealing with some behavioral issues, similar to the other men in the Spade family. With that in mind, let's find out what happens in the third episode.

It's all about family

"Discord" opens with a disturbing flashback sequence from Jack's childhood. His mom and dad are expecting a visit from some important people who might give them a tasty check; however, Jack's mom doesn't respond kindly to her young son eating a piece of cake and proceeds to beat him with her husband's belt. In the present day, Jack tells her that he's wearing the belt as it reminds him of the way she used to behave. Furthermore, if he and Ace end up killing each other, she'll be the one to blame.

On the topic of families, Episode 3 also provides more insights into Rooster's (Allen Maldonado) relationship with his old man. The Florida Wrestling Dystopia star goes to visit him in a retirement home, which leads to a heart-to-heart conversation about hardcore wrestling. Rooster's dad says that he worries about him competing in deathmatches and notes that Rocky Johnson never needed to use barbed wire to get over.

Episode 3 isn't all family drama, though. Bill and Diego Cottonmouth (Robby Ramos) decide to start their own podcast, which sees the former brag about beating up Gully (Mike O'Malley) at the State Fair show. That doesn't sit well with the Florida Wrestling Dystopia owner, which may come back to bite the DWL later.

Ace can't catch a break

As previously mentioned, last week's episode ended with Ace crying out for help after tumbling in the woods. Fortunately, he doesn't have to wait too long to get help as a pair of woodland trekkers discover him and get him back to safety. That said, Ace doesn't come out of the situation unscathed as the fall injured him.

Back in the DWL, Willie and Crystal pair up to plan out an upcoming DWL show. However, their brainstorming session is interrupted by a flower delivery for the latter. Her romance with Bobby (Trey Tucker) appears to be blossoming, and it's providing a feel-good storyline amid the chaos going on everywhere else.

Sadly, Jack's love life is a mess. Staci (Alison Lull) hasn't come home yet, and she hasn't been entirely truthful about Thomas' situation. During a phone conversation, Thomas tells Jack that he hasn't been back to school since he socked one of his classmates. Later on, we learn that Staci hasn't sent him back as the school has indefinitely suspended Thomas.

Elsewhere, Ace's situation doesn't get any better after being rescued. The women who saved him from peril help him find a motel and hang out with him, but it doesn't last long as the younger Spade brother decides to proposition them for sex. They reject Ace and tell him to be better, which forces him into a state of contemplation — after he trashes his motel room.

What's going on at the DWL?

With Jack's mind elsewhere, the onus of writing the DWL's next show has fallen on Willie. This requires her to work late at the office, but "Wild" Bill decides to stick around and help her out. However, Willie's husband calls to inform her that their daughter needs help with an essay, and he isn't too happy to learn that she's hanging out with the DWL's resident womanizing, veteran journeyman.

The good news, though, is that Willie's late-night booking efforts aren't for nothing. Jack uses a phone tracker to find Ace's motel room and they proceed to have an emotional conversation. Jack says that he's been a terrible older brother and wishes that he was more congratulatory when Ace got his football contract. However, Ace tells Jack that he isn't coming home as he doesn't want to become mean like their old man. That said, he forgives Jack, and they part ways on good terms.

Back at the DWL, Crystal's push is still the talk of the federation. However, a news story about an NFL player assaulting his girlfriend forces them to rethink their status on intergender wrestling. Willie says that they need a women's division as Crystal's current story won't be sustainable for the company. However, the nefarious attempts by a rival promoter to blackmail Jack might be even worse for the DWL's future.

On a more positive note, Crystal and Bobby address their kiss from the "Heels" Season 2 premiere. She tells him that she's interested in him, and the proceed to have another smooching session.

Gully has a proposition for Jack

As is the case with real-life wrestling podcasts, "Wild" Bill Hancock's State Fair confessions rubbed up some members of the community the wrong way. Gully heard him brag about winning their fight, which motivates the Florida Wrestling Dystopia owner and his goons to pay Jack a visit. Gully says that they should do a cross-promotion show as the viral video of him being punched is a built-in storyline.

Naturally, Jack tells Gully to stick his olive branch where the sun doesn't shine, but he's forced to reconsider when an attorney appears and presents the DWL's head honcho with a litigation lawsuit. After the encounter with Gully, Jack visits Staci and apologizes for putting the DWL ahead of his family. She also apologizes for keeping the information about Thomas' suspension from him, and they make amends.

Ace, on the other hand, has been having horrific nightmares since his meeting with Jack. One dream entails him being attacked by Crystal, Bobby, and his father's corpse when he's in his bed. However, this is the impetus he needs to return to Duffy, and the episode ends with him asking if he can stay with Jack and Staci for a while. The couple happily obliges his request