SANADA Provides Injury Update Following NJPW G1 Climax 33

With the 33rd G1 Climax concluding, the wrestlers have time to rest up and recover from the punishing round-robin tournament.

IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA took to Instagram to update fans on his health status after the bruising tournament, which concluded in SANADA getting assaulted and handcuffed by EVIL. The champion posted a picture of himself, with an ice pack wrapped to his back. According to Google Translate, SANADA ruptured a tendon in his bicep during the post-match attack and plans to heal up between now and the Destruction Tour in September.

"see u next time," SANADA ended the caption.

EVIL defeated SANADA earlier in the G1 quarter-finals and made his challenge at the finals in Ryogoku Sumo Hall, where he attacked and handcuffed SANADA, stealing his title after forcing the ring announcer to read an ersatz statement that stated SANADA was unfit to be the IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

There is no word on whether SANADA will be defending his title against EVIL at the Destruction in Kobe event on September 24 or the Destruction in Ryogoku event on October 9. The Destruction Tour is not set to begin until September 8 and SANADA is not booked for either the All Star Jr. Festival USA or Impact x NJPW Multiverse United 2: For Whom The Bell Tolls, both of which will take place in Philadelphia, PA, and are the only other NJPW events booked for the month of August, giving the Just 5 Guys member ample time to rest his wounded appendage.