Brian Kendrick Admits Size Wasn't Deciding Factor In WWE Career, Explains What Was

WWE has often been seen as the land of the giants, particularly during Brian Kendrick's initial run with the company. However, he told "In The Room" that he doesn't believe it was the deciding factor as to why things didn't work out for him personally.


"The deciding factor was my attitude, my lack of hard work, opportunities that I screwed up," Kendrick said. "I mean, they don't know what it is they're looking for until they get it, whether it comes in the form of The Rock or John Cena or Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan or Kofi Kingston. They don't know what form it's going to come in."

With that in mind, Kendrick doesn't believe he can be mad or believe things were taken away from him because ultimately they weren't there and it isn't his company. That is why Kendrick didn't get upset about things beyond his own control, but he does have regrets about his time with the company.

"Well, just been more grateful," he said. "You know, this is certainly my time prior to the cruiserweight run when I was late 20s, early 30s before being let go. Years ago I acted really foolish and hopefully matured since then. It's not the reason I didn't become a superstar. It has nothing to do with my height. It has to do with my lack of having what it takes."


Kendrick does still have a working relationship with WWE as he has been brought in on a part-time basis to help as a producer when needed, which has typically been for Ronda Rousey matches. 

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