Brian Kendrick Reflects On Very Brief Interim WWE Championship Reign

Brian Kendrick has had a pretty noteworthy career, filled with a few high points and, most recently, a whole lot of controversy. One of those peaks arguably was the time that Kendrick was briefly WWE Champion, courtesy of a WWE scramble match all the way back in 2008.

During a live signing on "Captain's Corner," Kendrick reflected on the scramble, while also revealing how it doesn't compare to some of the more recent matches he's had. "It was fun," Kendrick said. "It was a great moment for me, a real high point. It was cool, it was thrilling, the match itself felt like a lot of fun. I might've watched it back twice, but that would be at the most. I might've watched it back once whereas the match with Rich Swann, where I lost the '205 Live' belt — which was more recent — I've watched it back more. It was a great moment, but it wasn't necessarily my favorite match."

Kendrick, wrestling under the name The Brian Kendrick, was the third entrant in the WWE Championship Scramble Match, which occurred at WWE Unforgiven. Kendrick would pin Jeff Hardy to become Interim WWE Champion, though he was quickly pinned thereafter by the eventual winner of the match, Triple H. Kendrick would be pinned two more times in the bout and would never come close to regaining the title again.

The match Kendrick is more fond of — with current Impact Wrestling star Rich Swann – took place in November 2016 with Kendrick's WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the line. Swann walked away with the victory, ending Kendrick's title reign after only 30 days.

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