Eric Bischoff Explains Who's Likely To Be Affected By Expected WWE-Endeavor Layoffs

With the merger between WWE and Endeavor, UFC's parent company, finally expected to go through next month, concerns about employees in both WWE and Endeavor being laid off have come up again. This was especially true after recent comments from Endeavor CEO Ari Emmanuel, who noted there would be "cost savings and synergies happen[ing] immediately" after the merger is official.

On the latest episode of "Strictly Business," Eric Bischoff discussed what potential cuts we could see from WWE and UFC. Bischoff believes the biggest changes will be done on the administrative side, using the marketing departments of WWE and UFC as an example.

"There's duplication there because there just would be, naturally," Bischoff said. "When you merge, you've got 10 people over here, you've got 10 people over here. 'Well, let's take...we don't need 20 people in our marketing division or department, so let's take the 10 best.' That's the efficiency of mergers. That's one of the reasons why a merger can make sense, is when you can sit back and go, 'Okay, these are two powerful entities. When we bring them together, how do we take the best of both worlds, combine it into a more effective and more efficient, from a cost perspective, operation?'"

He continued, "It's just natural. And I think...any aspect of the administrative side of both companies are probably going to be the ones looked at first. Beyond that, I think UFC probably has its own production, WWE obviously has its own production...I don't see a lot of duplication there, because they're two different products that require two different types of production, talent, from direction, directors, to producers to cameramen."

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