Piper Niven Declares Herself Chelsea Green's New Partner, Claims Title Belt On WWE Raw

Chelsea Green didn't have to look too hard to find a new tag team partner to help her defend the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship after Sonya Deville suffered a torn ACL, leaving her out of action indefinitely. On Monday's episode of "WWE Raw," Piper Niven declared herself Green's new partner and took one of the title belts off of Green's shoulder, seemingly getting her first taste of championship gold (outside of the defunct 24/7 title) in WWE.


In a backstage segment, it looked as though Adam Pearce was going to strip Green of the championships due to Deville's inability to compete. Green argued with Pearce, saying she had worked too hard for the titles to see them vacated. Pearce asked Green what she would do in his situation, and she said she would "hold auditions," which she had been doing on social media throughout the day leading up to the show, calling the video segments "Chelsea's Got Talent."

Auditions never got underway on "Raw," however, as Niven burst in and declared herself Green's new partner. Green said Niven should submit her name, number, and Instagram handle to be considered, but Niven simply grabbed the title belt and reiterated that she was Green's new partner. It seems Green and Niven will now be partnering as Women's Tag Team Champions moving forward on WWE programming — their first match together has not yet been set up, but Niven did attack Katana Chance and Kayden Carter during the segment.


Green and Deville won the championships from Liz Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez on an episode of "Raw" last month.