How Kevin Nash Feels About Cody Rhodes & Family Following WWE SummerSlam

Although he's not sure if Brock Lesnar's post-match handshake with Cody Rhodes at WWE SummerSlam was scripted or an impromptu act of respect, Kevin Nash is absolutely thrilled for "The American Nightmare" and the rest of the Rhodes family. While reviewing Lesnar vs. Rhodes III on "Kliq This," Nash shared his thoughts on the bout and Rhodes' current position in WWE.


"I didn't know how manufactured [the] Cody [moment] was," Nash said. "If it was because of the Peacock [documentary] and all the things that make you go ... 'Is the machine pushing him or are the people really behind him?' It could be both, but I heard that it was not in the script, nor was it discussed, for Brock to shake his hand and raise his hand. I heard it was impromptu on Brock's behalf as he felt he [Cody] was worthy. 

"That spoke volumes about how Brock felt about Cody," Nash continued. "That also changed my opinion, since I've never been in the ring with Cody. Obviously, you feel that energy when you're in the ring with a guy."

Nash proceeded to praise Rhodes for being "super over," pointing to the fact that "The American Nightmare" was showered with "two singalongs" with the crowd on the "WWE Raw" after SummerSlam, suggesting that the fans typically react in such a way only to wrestlers they are truly behind. 


"I was very happy [for Cody] because the roster is not that full. You can't afford to mishandle a talent, and they didn't [with Cody]. I am proud of him because I think really loves this business. I'm happy for him, for Dusty, and the Rhodes family."

If you use any quotes from this podcast, please credit "Kliq This" with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.