Rob Van Dam On Discussions About His AEW Future

Rob Van Dam's AEW in-ring debut was seen as a resounding success as he impressed during his FTW Championship match against Jack Perry. As such, this has led to speculation amongst fans about whether or not he could return for further appearances. The good news, though, is that the door is open for the WWE Hall of Famer.


"Was it talked about between me and Tony about me coming back? Yeah," RVD revealed on his "1 Of A Kind With RVD" podcast. However, in classic professional wrestler fashion, the ECW legend refused to divulge any further information by saying, "The details of that conversation, we will have to wait and see."

AEW did leave the door open for RVD to make another appearance as the finish to his match against Perry was not clean. The current FTW Champion cheated to retain his title, which could provide an easy storyline entry point for RVD to compete once again. However, as it stands, the WWE Hall Of Famer is not under contract with the company. Interestingly, RVD did take to social media to confirm that he had been given permission by WWE to make his recent appearances for AEW. Whether or not further appearances would be met with the same reception remains to be seen, but it's unclear if that would be a sticking point for him. 


RVD previously admitted that he had considered retiring from the squared circle a couple of years ago. However, he has since changed his mind and believes he will be like Dory Funk Jr. and opt to never retire, which leaves a nice open window of time for Khan to book the "Whole F'N Show" again.  

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