Toni Storm Excited For AEW All In, Explains Disappointment That It's In England

Toni Storm will be one of four women competing for the AEW Women's World Championship at AEW All In London at Wembley Stadium on August 27. While she's looking forward to being part of the biggest AEW show in history, she's not exactly thrilled about returning to England.


"I mean, I'm very excited because it's the biggest show that we're about to do, the biggest show in AEW history," Storm told Daily Star. "I'm just a little disappointed that it's in England. I just wish Wembley Stadium could be in a different place because I lived in England for a really long time. It's where I got established, it's where I made a name for myself. I am British, I have a British family. I'm just really bummed out I have to go back. I thought I left my life behind there. But it's what a champion does, you know?"

When asked if she is excited to at least perform in front of the same fans who saw her rise through the independent scene, Storm kept it in character once again.

"The only reason I'd be excited about seeing all those fans again is that I get to rub it in how successful I am now," Storm responded. "That's gonna feel really good. That's the only thing motivating me is my excitement to show off how great I have become and officially denounce my British citizenship at Wembley Stadium. I can't think of a better place... I plan on ruining 75,000 people's nights."


The 27-year-old was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but came up through British promotions such as Progress Wrestling before making her way to WWE's "NXT UK" brand. After a few years in WWE, she signed with AEW in March 2022.

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