Toni Storm Reflects On Her Time In WWE NXT UK

Toni Storm has wrapped up her first championship run in AEW after holding gold for numerous companies around the globe. Before joining AEW, Storm spent four years in WWE and was once a featured member of the "NXT UK" roster. During a recent interview with The Ringer, Storm opened up about her early WWE years.


"NXT UK was honestly something so special," Storm said." The experience I gained from that was unbelievable. The coaches that I got to work with in the [NXT UK Performance Center were] amazing and it was a really good and unique introduction to WWE for me ... I got to train with Johnny Saint, I got to train with Robbie Brookside, and Johnny Moss, and James Mason, and it was really wonderful." Storm also named current AEW coworker William Regal as another person she was able to spend a lot of time with.

Less than a year in, Storm was able to win the "NXT UK" Women's Championship and held it for seven months. While being champion is on virtually everyone's bucket list, Storm detailed the pressure that comes with it. "It's a lot of pressure, and that comes with being champion anywhere," Storm stated. "It doesn't matter what company you're with. When you're a champion, you're the leader of the division, the company, and a lot is expected of you. A lot is asked of you. You're the guy that everyone's going to turn to, and you have to lead by example."


Storm reiterated that there was a lot of pressure on her shoulders while being a champion at a young age in a major company like WWE. Ultimately, she's thankful she was able to have that experience because it helped lay the groundwork for her championship reign in AEW.